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Haley Hall

Haley HallLast summer Haley came into the Middle Georgia Consortium seeking employment in our Summer Youth Program. Unfortunately, she did not meet the eligibility criteria. Well into the second semester of this school term, Haley telephoned our office seeking guidance. She had registered for a "Work Based Education class", and had no job. At that time she was volunteering at the Houston Medical Center to compensate, but needed money to take care of her senior expenses and put gas in the vehicle which her Grandfather purchased for her. Haley was totally exhausted and equally frustrated because she had no success in the labor market after completing countless applications. As a One-Stop Center, we were duty-bound and eager to assist Haley in accomplishing her goal.

Haley was instructed to call our office when she had free time to make sure someone was available to work with her. Haley was persistent, even though she had begun to doubt her ability to secure meaningful employment. When Haley came in we assessed her interests; discussed the meaning of a good work ethic; completed job applications; located interview schedules; briefed her on interview skills; discussed appropriate dress for interviews; reassured her and reinstated that lost confidence.

As a result of the Middle Georgia Consortium's intervention, Haley is currently employed at "Food Lion" as a cashier. Haley's countenance reveals an appearance of reclaimed self-confidence and dignity. Haley will earn her credits from her Work-Based Education class. She is earning money to take care of her financial obligations. Haley will graduate from Warner Robins High School on May 28, 2011; but most importantly, she'll graduate with the assurance that she can be successful in attaining her goals in life.


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