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Ny'ere Shannon

Ny'ere ShannonNy'ere came to the Middle Georgia Consortium's Georgia Summer Teen Partnership eligibility session last summer at the Monroe County Recreation Department. He appeared to be scared stiff, lacking confidence, and apprehensive with an inkling of timidity. When interviewed he said that he needed to earn some money. Coming from a single parent home, money is usually hard to get for things you need, but even more so difficult to get to purchase some of the things you want. He was so serious, yet his body language and facial expressions read, please lady, give me a break ... give me a job.

Ny'ere was given that break. When asked what type of work he was interested in, he was hesitant, but asked if he could work at the Recreation Department. He interviewed and was requested by the Recreation Center's Director. Ny'ere was assigned to work at the Monroe County Recreation Department as requested. At the Recreation Department he would be given opportunities to improve his overall dynamics and his leadership skills through various job assignments coupled with increasing responsibilities.

Ny'ere enjoyed a successful Summer Work Experience on the Georgia Summer Teen Partnership Program and continues to enjoy the benefits of the Year-Round WIA Youth Employment and Training Program at the Monroe County Recreation Department. His work ethic, communication skills and overall demeanor have truly benefited from this invaluable, collaborative Work Experience. He continues to work toward achieving academic excellence. Truly, a positive self-esteem and an air of self-confidence are being cultivated in Ny'ere. These attributes will take him to a level where he can realize happiness, success and the rewards of hard work. His countenance is no longer one of fear, but it carries a smile, which simply says, I'm OK.


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